Get educated about food security, food deserts, and food waste with the help of these resources! 
Act on what you learned, share what you know, make the world a better place for everyone!

London Poverty Research Centre
A great local resource that explains food security and what a food desert is.

United Nations Food Loss and Food Waste
Learn about food loss and food waste, and what we can do as individuals to reduce our impact on this very solvable problem.

London's Food Charter
Did you know that the City of London has made a commitment to improving food security for the city?  Here is the document they have created to direct their vision and commitment to food security.

Ontario's Food Donation Act
If you are a retailer and have considered donating to a hospitality centre or food cupboard but were concerned about liability, this is a great resource to explain any concerns you have regarding liability.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency - Food Recall Warnings
Concerned if the food you have is safe or if it has been recalled?  If you are in Canada, this is the place to go for up to date information!

Food Recovery Project - University of Arkansas
From our friends in the south, a great initiative to reduce food waste and informing the public about food security.